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Library Memorials

Library Memorials are a great way to pay tribute to a loved one or honor someone special.  Library Memorials start at $5.00  Once a Library memorial is placed, an acknowledgment card is mailed out to the family and a special notice is placed in the local newspaper, The News Item.  For donations of $20 or more, a bookplate can be placed in a new library book on your behalf.


Memorial & Honor donations can be called in, mailed in, submitted via Paypal through our donation link below, or given in person at the library.  Please provide your name and address, the name for whom your donation is in memory or in honor of, the name and address where you want the library to send an acknowledgment card.


The Library greatly appreciates your continued support!



Ellen Albertini Dow





The library would like to remember and pay special tribute to a true patron of the arts, and a great friend to the Mount Carmel Area Public Library.  Ellen Albertini Dow was a proud daughter of hard working immigrants here in the Coal Region, and she always felt that Mount Carmel was her home no matter where she lived.  A brief selection of her vast collection of memorabilia is available to view in the library.

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