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Please email us at

We will do our best to fulfill your wishes.


You can now donate to the library through Paypal by clicking the Donate button below:


Donate to the library through Just cent counts!


A donation to the Mount Carmel Area Public Library is a gift to Your Community!


You can be assured that your generous contribution will make the greatest impact right here at home.  With your help, the Mount Carmel Area Public Library can continue its valuable efforts to fulfill our vision of providing quality collections to promote the development of literate and informed citizens through open and equal access to informational services. 

Long Term Support to insure the future of the MCA Public Library may include:

  • A Bequest through a Will or Trust

  • Naming the MCA Public Library the beneficiary of an Insurance Policy or Retirement Plan

  • Signing up for Employer Matching Funds


Gifts can also be given In Memory of  or In Honor of a Friend or Loved One   

Celebrating great life events such as a birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, etc.  

starting at $5.00


You can also place a plaque on a book shelf end "In Honor" or "In Memory" of a loved one

with a donation of $500.00.  All contributions are tax deductible.

Library Board Wish List

  • Endowment Gift for the MCA Public Library to be financially solvent

  • Library Entrance Renovation, including the replacement of windows and doors to add to the energy efficiency of the building

  • Outdoor insulation of Library building


Transformation of empty adjoining lot into a Reading Garden IS ALMOST COMPLETE

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The following have been received, and the Library board and staff thank you!

- Library sign [Project Pride]

- Roof [Mount Carmel Borough, SEDA-COG, and the Lions Club]

- Large metal shelving with a solid oak border, to better shelve library material, was purchased at auction from the former Bishop Hafey Jr./Sr. High School in Hazleton, PA

-New lighting, heating and air conditioning systems! [Keystone Library Grant]

- A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the Borough of Mount Carmel for their continued support!

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